Inigo Salvador, the state’s attorney general, reported this Friday, May 6, 2022, that since his organization had not been notified of former vice president George Glass’s habeas corpus hearing, the resolution has now been overturned. That is, the habeas corpus of glass is zero.

The Attorney General has three main arguments in the appeal hearing.

Wanting Attorney General Withdrawal So that the effect of habeas corpus Former Vice President Go back to prison.

There is still no date for the appeal hearing, due Application National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Prisoners of Liberty (SNAI) April 9 in the habeas corpus given to Glass. However, the attorney said Prepare your argument Because you also said to be part of the appeal.

Yesterday, May 5, Dr. Provincial courts of justice Santa Elena informed that a draw was made for three judges who will hear the appeal.

The basis for emptiness

“I think that if the judges of the Santa Elena Provincial Court rule on this appeal, Mr. Glass will have to return to the center of deprivation of liberty,” Salvador said in a single radio interview. .

He explained that the Attorney General’s office should have been Notification Y. Cited Per Audience From Habeas corpus In Monglaralto, as happened in the case of SNAI. However, he said that the last institution is not there Legal status Owned by attached to the Ministry of Government. So the Attorney General’s Office had to be informed.

“Only the non-summoning of the Attorney General determines that the process is void, as it affects the legitimacy of the process. Which means the resolution is zero, “he said.

With that Glass I have to Return In prison, he made it clear that “he is not free” but was given Alternative arrangements To deprive of freedom. You need to show up regularly.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. You cannot accept a job contract or be a candidate for any position. For all this, the Attorney General’s Office says that the habeas corpus of glass is zero.

Grounds for appeal

Another basis for Appeal It will be “Disqualification“The judge of Mangalaralto, Diego Moscoso, who approved the glass habeas. Resources The convict was not brought to the place where he was in Kotopaxi jail. Moscoso is currently suspended.

A The third argument It’s about the Moscow lottery to settle the case. Invoice a Lottery The attorney general said that “manually and out of office hours, the process should be directed to the judges who are somehow committed to the outcome of the case,” the attorney general said.

“Medical certification has challenges, but health is a secondary issue,” he added. He noted that the judge used certificates issued by physicians outside the prison’s health center.

Meanwhile, May 11 is approaching, that date Planned Get done Audience From Appeal Glass has requested in the case Singu.

The action seeks to bring back the habeas corpus given to former Vice President George Glass. Https://

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