Suffering actress Amber Hard Disorder Stress Shocking post This results in “physical abuse and SexualExercise by you Ex-husband Johnny Depp, according to a statement this Tuesday Psychologist Coroner Don Hughes faces trial Ex-partner.

The psychologist explained the emission Diagnosis Comes with the actress after collecting and reviewing 29 hours of therapy Recording This session.

“There are various indications in this regard Violence Y. Sexual abuse Due to the (…) found in this relationship Obsessive jealousy (By Johnny Depp), ”Hughes told a jury hearing beginning April 11 in Fairfax (Virginia, USA).

According to Testimony Of PsychologistScenes of abuse Physical Is Sexual When Depp “Drunk Is Drugs“, And worse, he” more Angry After being dissatisfied with a shooting “than usual”.

Hughes noted that PresumablyDepp even went as far as Push A I heard In bed and “she tore off her nightgown to try to get Sexuality With him “

If it had been last week Lawyer depp k They are illustrated As a person I have heard that has been kept Location From Abuse Upstairs RelationshipsIs now Defending Of Actress Those who try Counter This image with its witness and expert version.

In fact, Hughes was the first to be summoned Lawyer From I heard In his defense.

Maintain a deep and hard one Legal fight After demand Defamation Depp has demanded 50 million in damages Publications Then from an article in the Washington Post in 2018 DivorceWhich he has claimed Suffer Domestic abuse

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