According to the French newspaper, Mbappe has not yet signed the agreement. Photo: Instagram Mbappe

French striker Kylian Mbappe With this he has decided to extend his contract Paris Saint Germain To whose leaders it has given a deal in principle, as published by the newspaper LÉquipe this Saturday, May 21.

Rotary confirms that the player gave her Agreement at a meeting At the highest level with the Qatari owners of the French entity.

He noted that the talks had lasted until this very Saturday and that AgreementWhich, according to the newspaper, has three additional seasons, Not signed yet.

But LÉquipe called the change “impossible.”

Killian Mbappe made history on Sunday 15 May For the third time in a row, the best player of the French league is being selectedSomething that no one has ever achieved.

He received the award from Mbapp Thierry Henry In the thirtieth annual edition of the UNFP Awards.

The deal between Real Madrid and Killian Mbappe is almost over. Merengu Club releases extra numbers to buy athlete passes. Https://

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