Its advisor William Lasso, Carlos GijonThis Monday, March 28, 2022 said that Government Wanted to meet MLA For the project Law From Investment.

“Actually, the government wanted to meet all the MPs Bench To explain the law to them, to listen to their opinions and counter-proposals. Those who had problems at any time Discussion To deal with the law, something MLA They asked Financial benefitsThe official said.

For officials, meetings are not a problem, but what legislators raised in those meetings.

Gijon did not name the executives who attended the meeting. In general, he mentioned that they were Government BenchThe Ministry From Government And Political operator That they “usually meet with legislators to discuss legislation.”

Possible question Lasso

Rafael Lucero, The head of the Pachakutik bloc, questioned whether Lasso had condemned the five legislators while repealing the bill. However, Gijon assured that the government’s response to the President’s announcement and the letters sent to the appropriate authorities over the weekend was immediate.

The Assembly The National denied the project on March 24 and suspended it. The meeting was March 22 on the question confirmed by executives and critics.

On this occasion, the government has not yet confirmed a decision on whether to choose or cancel Cross death. The official clarified that it was not evaluated for inclusion Draft Investment law Advice Popular

“If the National Assembly does something unstable or does something that seriously and irrevocably threatens Institutionality The government knows the tool of democracy Cross death“, He climbed.

For Draft From Labor lawThe government maintains its plan It’s socialization Before submitting to the legislature. Contrary to the archiving regulations, it is being considered for inclusion in popular consultation if the legislature rejects it.

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