Real Madrid-Barcelona (Sun / 6: 00 p.m.)


The power forward, who did not suffer the same fate as Heurtel and Thompkins, is dominating a final that Real Madrid hopes to resolve today.

Yabusel imitates Carl Malone.
Yabusel imitates Carl Malone.Juanzo MartinEFE
  • The third match Real Madrid’s desire to caress the league
  • That foul illuminated Madrid “The referees gave their matches.”

I nailed it Guerreschen Yabuselle (Dreux, December 17, 1995) in the corner. Defeated by a slight feint Sartak Sunli, Who is running with a whirl and his left ankle is hanging. Now how to watch without any opposition Roland Smiths Likes to contain Vincent Poirier Before crossing his path, Yabusel activates the boxer’s legs that support the 120kg mass to go in search of the basket. His companion was a monster. And he brought with him that clown gesture that became popular in his day Carl Malone, Peon NBA.

Left hand in resting posture throughout the flight, and execution on the right hoop. An action that Power Forward had already rehearsed on the show, even during his tenure in China, but far from it in the crucial match of the ACB final. A series that Real Madrid, with a disappointing 2-1 lead in the series against Barcelona, ​​is looking to regain a title at home this afternoon that they have not won in three years.

This time Yabusel was able to leave the field calmly, keeping his chin up. He took off his shirt and started signing autographs of some children. A scene that contrasts with the experience of the result of the second game in Palau, the night that Bara had their only win in this final. Yabuselle, depressed, hits the track with a fist and confronts the referee Emilio Perez Pizarro, Which had to be removed. The referees did not include the ugly episode in the minutes of the match, and Joseph KubelesThe manager responsible for Barাa basketball has tried to impress without success: we believe and we are sure that all measures will be taken to prevent this recurrence in the next games of this final.

32 minutes on average

Not only was there no punishment for Yabusel, he took the opportunity to forgive. He stole double figures (9 + 9), he tore down some defensive complexes that had bothered him before Nikola Merotic, And five of the 15 rebounds in the attack for Barcelona against Real Madrid (the other five were from Poirier) that were bleeding in color. The Azulgrana zone is still wide due to Sunli’s physical limitations and weak role in this season’s final. Brandon DavisWho has turned down Barcelona’s renewal offer to play in Milan.

It opens a dance floor where Yabusel, nicknamed Oso Baylorne during his first spell with Celtic, enjoys himself as before. In fact, and there are no more pure fours in a Madrid than him, none of his team has played more than the French player in this final, who averaged more than 32 minutes.

If the same fate befell Yabusel, perhaps everything would be different Thomas Heurtel Y. Trey Thompson, Separated from the team after an alleged rejoicing in Athens on the night of March 30, before losing to Panathinaikos. Greek agency SDNA has placed Yabuselle in Lo. But the power forward, who renewed his contract until January 2025 – Hurtel and Thompkins will end their relationship in June – has come out unscathed, at least in terms of sportsmanship. Madrid saw that it could not do without that emotional flow. Oh your answer.

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