Real Madrid 90 River Brogan 65


The people of Lasso march against the eroded Brogan. Deck, Randolph and Williams Goss stood in their first victory of April. The Euroliga quarter-series against Maccabi begins on Wednesday

GRAF2299.  Madrid, 04/17/2022. - Real Madrid shooting guard Sergio Lul Jordan Sakho (D), lt; HIT gt; Breog controlling the ball
GRAF2299. Madrid, 04/17/2022.- Real Madrid shooting guard Sergio Lul Jordan controlling the ball against Sakho (d), lt; HIT gt; Breogn lt; / HIT gt; Madrid’s EFE / Fernando Alvarado during the Andesa League match played today at the Wijink CenterFernando AlvaradoEFE

Real Madrid have lost 16 of their last 25 games, a crisis no one has seen before that has taken two players out of their squad, Hurtel and Thompkins. So winning, somehow, has become a rarity and a necessity. Because there is no setback, the Euroliga quarter-final series will begin on Wednesday against Maccabi, a boundary that could mark a sure failure or a team’s reaction to a high level that now seems unimaginable. [Narracin y estadsticas: 90-65]

After a string of defeats against Tenerife, Barারাa and Bilbao, Madrid not only missed out on first place in the ACB, but also began to jeopardize the playoff home court factor. On WiZink, in a declining Rio Brogan – the week he lost his star Musa, due to a debilitating fracture in his trachea – was paid for broken food. In the end, a comfortable win from start to finish. A breath of confidence for what is going to happen.

With Heurtel and Thompkins In civilian clothes after the split – they didn’t play either Jeff Taylor or Adam Hunga-, Sadara soon broke the game. A Sunday morning walk, with some recession. At break, they take the maximum (53-29). They run, find the players inside. With a high percentage, a little joy Deck Already occupy the spotlight.

This was the first victory of April, an important month. And it was also a quiet second half (he came into command in 32), something that is still a novelty in the permanent volcano that has become Lasso’s team. Highlights Anthony Randolph and Williams-Goss, Two Americans whose full version seems necessary. In the end, it’s a bit of a continuum in the game that the coach demands, which is nothing more than concentration and effort. Against a rival who has already done all his homework, there is no single rush for relegation without a fresh promotion, though perhaps his dream of a play-off without Musa has begun to slip.

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