Bienvenu Letuni died, 2.24 players who did not come

“He was diagnosed with tuberculosis a few months ago and was undergoing treatment. He was very weak in the last few days, he lost a lot of weight. His death is really sad because he had just started several projects and was very excited.” In late 2019, he set up a tobacco shop in Kinshasa, where he lived and bought land for growing vegetables. Coronavirus hit him at the beginning of this business, but he began to see the light. It’s really sad. ”

Talk to EL MUNDO Anicet Lavodrama, a former Ferrol, Joventut or Valladolid player, one of the young men he sponsored, Bienvenu Letuni, and about his death this Sunday at the age of 28 in Kinshasa, the capital of the Congo. Latuni was not a professional, in fact he did not even make his debut in the ACB, but his extraordinary size has left his mark on Spanish basketball. When he signed for Joventut in 2009, at the age of 15, he was 2.24 meters tall and was able to grind hoops without lifting his heels off the ground.

“I came from a rural area, without much resources. In 2009 I was already working at YouFirst. [una agencia de representacin] To recruit talent and we have set up a training program for players and coaches in Kinshasa. Bienvenu came and, obviously, with her size, we thought she might have a professional career. We talked to Joventut and they agreed to test him. He has been there for about four seasons since then. ”

However, he did not jump into the first team. At Acromegaly, Roberto Duas soon began to suffer from physical problems, such as dangerous obstruction of the optic nerve, and he had to undergo surgery. He had some outstanding moments in the lower division of Pennia and shared a team with today’s referees such as Guillaume Vivas, but after the operation, Latuni’s body could not keep up with the pace desired by elite sports. Shortly after his 18th birthday, his career came to an end. And he returned to the country.

“Joventut treated him very well, especially the three, Jordi Mart, Santi Chico and Paco Redondo. It was a tough push for Bienvenu, especially emotionally, he had to leave the game, but they helped him a lot in transition. That’s why. He came to set up those businesses and found his way to Kinshasa. He’s an example of how difficult it is to build a career in professional basketball, even if you’re 2.24 meters tall. It’s very sad that he’s no longer with us. “

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