The flow of people leaving Ukraine Land crossings connecting neighboring countries are fixed and considering the figures offered by various governments this Friday, February 25, 2022, it will already be higher. 67,000 refugees Since the start of the Russian military offensive on Thursday.


Only Moldova According to the Prime Minister, more than 20,000 have come, Natalia Gavrilita, Who appeared at the end of a meeting to examine the state of emergency. Of those, 386 have already applied for asylum in Moldovan authorities, the Moldpress portal reported.

The Moldovan government issued the order Emergency However, like all countries in the region, it has made it clear that it will keep its borders open. “We must have solidarity with the Ukrainians,” said President Maya Sandu.


Poland has received more than its share 29,000 refugees, According to the latest estimates given by the Ministry of Home Affairs, collected by the PAP news agency. In the Polish case, the main point of entry is the Medica Pass, where many people have come in recent times Family or friends Escape conflict.

“Hopefully good people will help us,” said Halina Drohantshuk, with her three children, already waiting in a car park on Polish soil. She told Bloomberg News she left Lviv the night before, leaving her “military-age” husband.


In Romania, which shares more of its border with Ukraine 10,000 people In just 24 hours, according to Interior Minister Lucian Bode, who confirmed that the arrival of the Russian president has reached the skies, Vladimir PutinOrder to start the attack.

However, Romanian authorities have stated that not all of these people want to stay in the country, since there are more than 3,600 Follow his journey Aiming to reach other countries, such as Bulgaria and Romania, Bloomberg reports.


The Hungarian media also reported long queues on the other side Border with Ukraine And the government’s data portal estimates that there are already hundreds of about 500 citizens who have arrived in Hungary in the past few hours.

Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Urban, Traditionally a critic of immigrants, this time took exceptional measures to allow entry from Ukraine. “We do not know how long the border will remain open and we have decided to leave immediately,” said one of the migrants, according to the government agency.


Slovakia has opened and deployed four border reception centers Military personnel Responses to increased arrivals from Ukraine. According to the reality news portal, the home ministry has already registered about 7,500 entries.

Almost 70,000 refugees A mass exodus already reported in Ukraine by neighboring countries could just begin, which, according to the United Nations, threatens to reach four or even five million, depending on how events develop on the ground in the coming days.

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