The The right to abortion Jumped to the center of the campaign Parliamentary elections In November America. Democrats are trying their best to mobilize their voters, and Republicans are divided over what the best strategy is to win. This was published this Sunday, May 8, 2022, by EFE News Agency.

Fundraising for the Democratic Party has skyrocketed. Act BlueThe most popular virtual platform among progressive candidates, has collected more than 27 27.5 million since Monday.

Although the Supreme Court has made it clear that the ruling is not final, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand considered this Sunday that the issue would be central to the election.

“It simply came to our notice then. If women and men who love them don’t fight for it now, we will lose the fundamental right to make decisions about our bodies and our future, “Gillibrand, known for her feminist opposition, told CNN.

If the Supreme Court overturns Rowe v. Wade’s 1973 judgment, the protection of abortion at the federal level will end and states will be responsible for deciding that right.

Democratic candidates are fighting

For this reason, in recent times a lot of attention has been focused on the governorship candidates of the major states, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada Is ArizonaWhere the right to abortion may depend on the political affiliation of the person exercising the highest executive authority.

In Pennsylvania, for example, the Democratic candidate for governor, Josh ShapiroHe promised that if elected, he would veto any initiative approved by the state parliament, in the hands of Republicans, to limit the right to abortion.

In addition, in Georgia, the Democratic Governorate is optimistic, Stacey AbramsOn Wednesday, she stopped raising funds for her campaign and used her extensive network of contacts to invite voters to donate money to abortion rights groups.

Democratic candidates, on the other hand, are competing Congress They focused on the need to change Senate rules if necessary to pass legislation to protect the right to abortion at the federal level.

Next week, the Senate is scheduled to vote on a bill to that effect; But all indications are that it will fail because Democrats with 50 seats do not have the required 60 votes to pass a systematic vote, and the debate over the measure begins.

Republican leaders avoided the issue

Unlike Democrats, leaders Republican Party In Washington they have kept a low profile and made it clear that their goal is to focus the election debate on the economy, skyrocketing inflation and the immigration crisis at the border.

Through this strategy, they hope to win the support of independent and middle-class voters who reject the administration of President, Democrat Joe Biden at historically high levels, according to the survey.

Surveys also show that a 69% are American Believes that the Supreme Court’s right to abortion should not be revoked.

For this reason, instead of celebrating the possible termination of the right to abortion, leaders like Republican Mitch McConnell have focused their attention on the fact that the sentence has been leaked and that it could harm the Supreme Court as an institution.

Even the former president said Donald Trump (2017-2021), the party’s de facto leader, avoided rejoicing and did not even mention abortion at a one-and-a-half-hour rally Friday night in the state of Pennsylvania.

Thus, the committee dedicated to selecting Republicans for the Senate sent a document to candidates this week asking them to exercise restraint when speaking to the press and, for example, to make it clear that they would not impose contraceptives or jail terms. Women who have abortions.

The wave of Republicans at the local level

The problem for Republicans, however, is that some of their members are doing just the opposite at the state level.

On Wednesday, Louisiana lawmakers enacted legislation that would make abortion a homicide and give the fetus the right to conceive, which would open the door to criminal charges against doctors and women, as well as ban emergency contraceptives such as the birth control pill. At the end of the day.

Also, Republicans in Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota have called for an emergency legislature session to limit abortion as soon as the Supreme Court announces its final decision in June.

In many states, Republicans have an advantage in fighting the right to abortion because many states have laws prohibiting abortion and it may be effective again if the Supreme Court removes the protection of that right.

Inside WisconsinFor example, a Act of 1849 Considering that abortion is a crime unless the mother’s life is at risk and some Republicans in the state have already expressed their intention to reintroduce it.

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