Abel Mina, boxer from Ecuador. Photo: Instagram Abel ‘Authentic’ Mina

Boxer from Ecuador Abel Mina Quorum Fight Night II will be presented at the main event, this June 4, 2022. The event will also be held in San Francisco from 4:00 p.m.

The ‘authentic’ Mina will have a chance to win the World Boxing Council’s (WBC) Latin American title against Mexican Evan ‘Jurdo’ Alvarez.

Mina is looking for a win to get her professional career back on track with the goal of being among the best in her 154-pound weight class.

This June 3, just before the fight, the Teranga boxer gave an official weight of 153,66 pounds.

The 29-year-old Minar has a professional record of 15 wins and two defeats.

His two pitfalls were in 2021, the controversial defeat against the Mexican Damien Sosa and then against the Panamanian Alberto Muscara in October.

However, this 2022 got off to a strong start, and in February he won against the Mexicans in Quito. Darius Farman.

Evan Jurdo Alvarez, 34, has a record of 31 wins and 13 losses. And two draws.

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Abel Mina (ECU) vs Evan “Jurdo” Alvarez (Max) 154 lbs / 10 rounds / WBC Latin American title

Suarez (ECU) vs. Salgado (COL) 140 lbs / 6 rounds / world ranking

Buratovich (ECU) vs. Jules (VEN) 168 lbs / 4 rounds / world ranking

Martinez (ECU) vs. Mendez (ECU) 135 lbs / 6 rounds / local ranking

Chikiza (ECU) vs Tapia (ECU) 118 lb / 4 rounds / local ranking

Valdez (VEN) vs. Contreras (VEN) 160 lbs / 6 rounds / world ranking

Zurita (ECU) vs Wampash (ECU) 135 lbs / 6 rounds / local ranking

Mina (ECU) vs Guerrero (ECU) Heavy / 6 Round / Local Ranking

Almachi (ECU) vs Lomas (ECU) 118 lb / 4 rounds / local ranking

Varela (ECU) vs. Maldonado (ECU) 150 lbs / 4 rounds / local ranking

Tambaco (ECU) vs. Charpentier (ECU) 184.8 lbs / 3 rounds / amateur fight


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