Referential image. Portugal’s animal rights group has called for an end to bullfighting. Photo: Pixabay

A 16 years old A bull organized in the city died of his injuries after being attacked by a bull during a race Mauta (40 km from Lisbon) as part of the so-called municipal festival this weekend.

The young man was transferred after the attack In critical condition According to Portuguese media, at a hospital, where he died from the severity of his injuries.

The Festival Coordinating Council has expressed its condolences Death of a young man And recalls that there are security measures in place for these laws.

“There is information across the party that the warning indicates that time must be maintained CaptiveIt doesn’t hurt to go too close to a bull, but to strengthen these cares, “said a spokesman for the council in the Journal de Noticias.

Prior to the event, the Portuguese animalist group Pan also expressed regret and inquired Delete events in this category.

“The Bullfighting They are a civilized society and not the epitome of 21st century human values. This is an unwanted form of entertainment that only translates into suffering, “the team’s spokesperson, Ines de Sosa Real, defended on his Twitter profile last night.

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