Citizen dates are important. Every country must have a memory, especially the dates on which it is established. There is no country without heroism. Jose Joaquin de Olmedo, a native of Guayaquil, was published in 1825, considered the best epic of the year on the region’s independence activities: ‘Canto a Bolivar’. In this context, the country needs to review itself, to look at itself anew.

However, the national government does not seem to have given much importance to these dates. As Katherine Orker said in an interview published in this newspaper yesterday, the battle of Pichincha tells us that independence was possible. Quito was a Spanish enclave after the August 2, 1810 genocide. The city lost its elite, not only economically, but also intellectually. It was an enlightened generation; Many were trained by the great Mestizo thinker Eugenio Espejo.

Reflection is needed because history is not static. You always have to read it, read it again. Memory does not work the same way over time. This bicentennial should force us to think about our destiny, which is the result of a legacy, the unification of unions, the level of metaphorical discourse, which has become commonplace and has lost strength. It is interesting to note that the role of women, aborigines, Afro-descendants in the revolutionary process, but also priests and nuns have been studied. There are many things that freedom offers us in the light of the 21st century, and in times of greater crisis, not just nationally, but globally. It must be admitted that some universities are in this debate.

This is a low key reminder. Interestingly, in other countries, their national holidays are sometimes not official work overloaded with worn symbols. Family and friends also get together and enjoy a simple meal. It’s something that doesn’t happen, at least in Quito, because the feeling of celebration is greater in Quenca and Guayaquil. These are the signs, perhaps, that reveal much of the complex unity of Ecuador

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