Thai Charan Janwachakal Slept with 21 years Corpses Banks decided to perfume his wife in his room, but recently cremated the corpse.

Charn, 72, contacted the Fat Kasem Bangkok Foundation last week for help Cremate the corpseAs Feeling older And she feared that in the event of her death, no one would be able to take care of her body, the foundation said on its Facebook page.

After the incident went viral, a spokesman said Fet Kasem This Friday, May 6, 2022, Ifeke indicated that the old man’s body was inside Coffin And that, declaring his wife dead, he did not break the law.

His wife died in 2001

Charn He lived happily with his wife And when two children died of health problems in 2001, he decided to keep the body at home because he could not accept his death, the foundation was told in detail.

Their two children have grown up, their families have started and left home, Charn added.

The foundation’s volunteer organization last Saturday Buddhist rites And northeast of the capital, Wat Sakorn was able to bury the dead at the Sun Pracasun Temple and take the Thais home. Ash.

“I still miss you every minute and my love for you hasn’t changed.”Charn said volunteers took the coffin, according to The Nation newspaper.

Living in uncertain situations

According to local media reports, Charn graduated from pharmacy and studied law before joining the army as a health worker, and his wife was an official in the Ministry of Public Health.

However, the person has discovered the foundation Living in uncertain situationsHer house has no electricity or running water, so they are helping her fix the place and see her every day.

In response, he agreed to help volunteer at the foundation.

Thousands of netizens responded to the story on the foundation’s Facebook page, expressing their condolences to Charn and praising his loyalty, among other messages of support.

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