Albert BegbederA 48-year-old commercial technician who runs the animal shelter Aria Resket has just returned to Spain from the central border. Ukraine Y. PolandThe 5,000 round trip trip, where he went to rescue about thirty dogs, involved some movement problems.

Begbeder explained to AF that he had taken advantage of the trip to bring two mothers from Medica (Poland), with a total of three daughters, who had already settled in Girona (northeastern Spain) with their relatives.

“The idea to search for dogs in Ukrainian shelters originated from various animal organizations in Malaga (South), which informed Aria Resket about the option of traveling across the border in a van with nine seats for able-bodied people.

“We did not know the condition of the dogs in Ukraine, but we feared that their owners would not be allowed to leave the country by train, so we decided to take the van for rescue. We did as much as we could,” he said.

Three members of the team accompanied him DefensiveThose who have brought dog food and ingredients to Medica Veterinarian.

Contacting the volunteers from the border, they found two Ukrainian families – with two mothers, one daughter and one – who were in a refugee camp in Kirkuk.Poland) And those who wanted to go to Girona to settle down with a family member could take care of them all for a period of time. Collision.

“At first, they were very quiet. After all, they were forced to trust strangers to flee their country, but we gained confidence by contacting them through translators. Google And one of the girls who spoke little English, “said Aria Resket.

The Husbands Both women had to stay between Ukraine To protect the country and because the Ukrainian government forbade them to leave.

The journey, which lasted two days to go and two days to return, was a great physical and mental exhaustion for the members of the guards who had to take the risk to reach their destination as soon as possible.

“The trip was a hit, especially on the second day, when we saw that we couldn’t do it and we had to drive for 16 hours without stopping,” recalls Beigbeder, who has run Aria Resket since its inception in Barcelona. 2016.

Once they arrived in Medica, they hoped to remove the dogs from the Polish shelter, but were warned of the difficulty of doing so, as the dogs would have to be kept in isolation for a long time.

When they received the news – which, in part, they had already hoped for – they were pulling strings to contact Ukrainians who wanted to get their dog out of the country, and a girl with four paralyzed dogs and several cats asked for first aid.

“Getting back with the animals was also complicated because one of them had difficulty moving, had to urinate with his bladder pressed, and the other had problems with his stool control,” said Aria Resket President.

Once they arrived in Spain, they went to Madrid to deliver some animals to a shelter for paralyzed dogs called ‘Bichos Raros’, although they must spend more than a month in quarantine to comply with health protocols, as canine rabies is widespread in Ukraine.

Once the quarantine is over, the dogs will go through a process of testing and vaccination to ensure their health and then the guardian will try to release them for adoption.

“Some people have criticized us for bringing in dogs with such gross negligence that in Spain, where do we place moral boundaries? Ultimately, there will always be criticism, so we do what we think is right, “Begbeder reflects.

The Aria Rescue Association, founded to rescue endangered dogs – who do not allow themselves to be caught and survive on the streets for months – is an animal retailer whose main job is to rescue, negotiate, and once a year they help animal rescuers from across the country. Visit Spain to do.

The association uses online team teaming, through which it receives a small grant of one dollar per month to support the project. Currently, they have 270 ‘Timers’ and have raised over USD 16,000 since their foundation.

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