One person was killed and three were injured, ECU 911 reported this Saturday, May 7, 2022, after 5:40 p.m., when the roof of a football field collapsed in the bicentennial sector north of Quito.

Heavy rains and hailstorms north of Quito caused the structure to collapse.

According to the official report of the fire department, three people were injured and one died as a result of this emergency registration on George Irazo and Homro Salas roads north of the capital.

A team of firefighters went to the spot and provided assistance to the injured. At present, they are already in stable health, according to that entity. In addition, while removing the wreckage, rescuers found a person without vital signs.

Emergency care agencies have released an image of the site of a synthetic field infrastructure collapse due to strong hail recorded in sectors such as La Luz, Avenida 6D December, 10D Augusto and the old airport.

ECU 911 did not specify information about the victim. Initially, it was learned that the deceased was attending a sports event with the citizens of another group at the place.

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