The puppy has been kept under medical observation after being rescued. Photo: Tulkan Municipality

An incident of animal cruelty has caused a stir Tulkan. Municipal workers rescued A. Puppies Which was in a plastic sleeve, one inside Dumpster.

The incident took place on Argentina Street in the capital Carchi. The The puppy is crying Municipal employees have been alerted, who have informed those responsible for the Municipal Urban Fana Center. After the rescue, the puppy was treated by veterinarian Karen Norvez.

Relevant medical assessments and symptoms were taken for diagnosis State of health According to the dog Norweg, the puppy had one Degree of hypothermiaTherefore, a permanent check-up is carried out.

Mayor of Tulkan, Christian Benavidis, Animal condition found. Also, he took a tour of the canals to find out how the other dogs rescued in Canton are working, which are in the process of being recovered and awaiting recovery. Accepted.

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