A Aircraft The Latam Company had to make an emergency landing at Jose Maria Cordova Airport in Rionegro. MadeleineColumbia, just minutes after takeoff, for a A wheel failure March 29, 2022 Tuesday front train.

Civil Aeronautics detailed that in a statement Airbus A-320 With the license plate CC-BAS, it covers the Medellin-Cartagena de India route, and crew had to return to Jose Maria Cordova “after finding fault with one of the front wheels after takeoff.”

“Therefore, he decided to fly over the Rionegro airport area Take part in the fuel And land safely. The plane landed in a controlled manner in a safe situation for the passengers and crew on the ground, ”the source added.

The aerocivil It did not say how many people were on board, but videos recorded by passengers showed the plane was virtually full.

Emergency Md. Was present in it Aeronautical fire extinguisher And by airport emergency services and maintenance personnel.

Jose Maria Cordova wrote on Twitter, “There is still no expectation for the airport to open because the plane presenting the errors has not yet been activated from the runway.”

All Passengers They were unloaded from the plane without any injuries, and two of them had to be treated by airport health due to “emotional effects”.

The videos published on social networks show how The plane landed after an emergency And the damaged wheel catches fire when it hits the track.

Another video shows that The passengers were quite nervous During the emergency, even some of them were crying and praying for the seriousness of what happened when the cabin members asked them to sit down.


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