Referential image. A monkey wearing a bulletproof jacket has been found dead after being shot in Mexico. Photo: Internet

Total 11 people and a monkey Was Disappointed A time Clashes with police In TexcaltitlanMexico. Apparently, the authorities believed the animal was another member of the gang. This is how the international media reported it on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

The Bow I was Incognito With a Bullet-resistant clothing, A Camouflage jacket And a Honeycomb. However, he was shot and died along with the one who carried him, a 20-year-old man.

According to Crossfire, The local media is millennialHappened in Mexican National Guard Y Guess member Of the criminal group Michoacan family

Since the meeting, so far and according to Millennium, 11 deaths have been reported, with at least 5 more arrested and some injured. Apparently, when authorities searched the property they were in, they were able to register several firearms.

True investigation

Police due to the presence of monkeys The beginning A Research Chances are that this band has some kind of Business Inside it Protected species trafficking.

However, primates are simply skeptical Pet out Some people were there, because a lot of the time exotic animals are normal in the posters.

In fact, Mexico There are multiple cases Where they are seen Exotic animals in domestic spaces. Even this same week, according to media outlet Infobe, in Tequila, within hours of the incident, People are registered A look through social networks Bengal Tiger Which, apparently, was the pet of one of the men in the block.

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