Traditional metaphors for the blessing of flowers, fruits and bread came together The porch of the Cathedral of Ambato This Friday, February 25, 2022. At least 150 people worked to assemble the 130-square-meter puzzle.

As part of the Fruit and Flower Festival, the exhibition of works of art made of flowers, bread, fruits and grains will continue till Tuesday, March 1. This year’s liturgy message will be: ‘The Word of God’.

The structure, 17 meters long and 12 meters wide, has its figure in the central part St. Paul. In his right hand he will carry a sword and the Bible in his other hand as guardians of the faith.

Juan Carlos Acosta, Treasurer of the Diocese of Ambatore, explained that the four gospels were located next to the structure. The angel that represents the Gospel of Matthew, the Lion of Mark, the bull of Lucas, and the eagle of John the Gospel.

Religious ceremonies will be held on Saturday, February 26 at 9 am. The company is in charge of the diocese in the city of Ambato.

Acosta hints that the metaphor made of flowers, fruits and bread will be blessed during the Eucharist held inside the La Cathedral church with limited capacity.

The religious ceremony will be presided over by 30 priests and bishops from different cities of the country. There will be a mass rally led by the bishop of the city Santo Domingo de los Sachilas And Bishop of the Diocese of Ambato, Giovanni Pajmino.

He said that the work of art captures the feelings of those who want to express their gratitude to God. “The hardships we live in did not lack the confidence to move forward in the midst of the epidemic.”

Bishop Pajmino announced that the Thanksgiving gathering would call for peace to avoid war between Russia and Ukraine and to fulfill the message sent by Ukraine. Pope Francisco Ask for peace.

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