A Spanish court Sentenced to 686 years Jail To an accused person Scandal Inside Social media Like a hundred on WhatsApp or Instagram Juvenile For Sexual abuse Among them, he got fortnightly in some cases.

However, about half of the sentence that has been imposed Prosecution1,324 years in prison.

The sentence considers that proven Convicted rape A Twelve minorsSeven of them have been sexually harassed, three of them, and two more The normal way.

This is also considered Guilty 98 crimes Catchment And use Juvenile From Age For the purpose Pornographic74 for promoting pornographic material to minors, 25 for display, 13 for crime Corruption From Juvenile 16 years and a possession Child pornography.

On the contrary, he has been acquitted of 59 offenses Cyber ​​bullyingThree Sexual abuse And two Corruption From Juvenile.

The court considers Try Except that this man, born 1991 Criminal record So far, he has committed crimes between November 9, 2015 and September 3, 2018.

Used Social media And to communicate messaging groups Kids For under 16s Pornography exchange.

Sometimes he pretends Little girl Older victims, in the belief that they were communicating with one another Person From him AgeThere were “unscrupulous disobedient” conversations, which the defendant encouraged.

For this, I sent the picture And a video Naked girl And masturbation, and got like this Similar pictures The minor with whom he spoke.

Defendant, through deception, managed to persuade some minors to keep Physical intercourse With him, co Sexual intercourseAccording to the sentence.

In addition to its punishment PrisonThe court It is forbidden to come near From Juvenile. And it disqualifies him for any profession or business with which he has a regular and direct relationship Juvenile From Age.


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