A goal from outside the Polista area in the 4th minute gave the Bordeaux team a win, which they failed to win in 2022 and are awaiting the Cup semifinals.

Valencia players congratulate Paulista for his goal in Mallorca.
Valencia players congratulate Paulista for his goal in Mallorca.EFE
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The Valencia He has become accustomed to survival. He’s not capable of anything else, he’s aware, he caught an unexpected goal Gabriel Paulista Hold on for 4 minutes and against continuous and devious attacks Majorca. I’ve had trouble clearing the league’s bad streak, where I haven’t won since December 20th and can take a breather before the semifinals. Cup. Because the season goes through that duel against the athletics. [Narracin y estadsticas]

No one in Valencia can get away from the Copbear bug, not even the bench. Boardals I had to make the hardest decision. Without risk, the adrenaline dose that I know gives a victory Athletic. Falling into Son Moix means starting to look behind you in the league, dealing with doubt at the worst possible time. Had to be avoided Without gay, without GuedesFive defenses, … including teeth and nails.

After four minutes the picture became clear. Gabriel Paulista After four months of incessant injury, he returned to the XI and caught a ball in front of Sergio Rico’s side. A Impossible target over 30 meters Which means a breath. The hard part started at that moment. The second team with the most goals in the division was soon charged with a yellow card and had to respond because Mallorca was unwilling to surrender. mamardashvili I solved a head up Muriki And Kubo Valencian began to see the corridor behind the defense, which first and then the Japanese player himself tried to take advantage of Dani Rodriguez. Jaume Costa will do it in the second episode.

Mallorca has finished 20 times without success. He didn’t know how to take advantage of Valencia’s fragility, was unable to counter-attack, Mallorca missed the game by mistake and shook the ball to re-order himself before the next attack. From frustration Luis Garcia Plaza, Who was expelled, failed when his team overcame Valencian scrambles and set foot in the area. Coast, Muriki Looking for the cross, remove the band or lack from the Kubo band kang-in… Valencia had no way of knocking down the wall, which was deprived of its best chance to extend the advantage with a header from Sergio Rico. Elix MoribaWho was soon dismissed for a double yellow card.

With their teeth clenched but without football, Valencia were freed and held their breath for their first final of the year.

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