It’s afternoon Sunday March 27, 2022 There has been heavy rain in the capital of Ajuaya. Basin And consequently, a Large-scale landslides To the west of the city, in the Gulag and Marianger sectors, in the Syausi parish.

The state of emergency was reported via ECU 911 at 3:30 p.m., and several emergency agencies from both sides carried out rescue operations. Cuenca Municipality As Condition Central

In a preliminary report, issued by Risk Management SecretaryDetails of the two dead, 10 civilians with hypothermia, a minor under the age of 14 injured and Jos Carasco transferred to Artega Hospital.

In private night hours Fire brigade A woman trapped in the rubble was rescued alive.

The mayor of Cuenca, Pedro Palacios, shared the information on his Twitter account 250 people have been evacuated from the affected areas.

Bergomaster also said that Two shelters have been activated With capacity in one Syausi area and another in San Roque 50 people. “They have not yet been occupied by the residents of the area. All the evicted people lived with their families,” Palacios explained.

Damaged by landslides 300 meters from the Cuenca-Moleturo road. The Ministry of Public Works, the municipality of Cuenca and the equipment of the prefecture of Ajua are working to remove the material and clear the road in the affected areas.

Sunday night, d 49 km of the Cuenca-Moleturo-El Empalme road, To remove vehicles stuck due to landslides.

The search for the missing persons continues this Monday, March 28. Also, technicians will evaluate the total number of damaged homes.

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