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A girl has been beaten to death in Cuenca

This Friday, the night of May 6, 2022, according to local media reports, a 5-year-old girl was beaten to death by the alleged partner of the minor’s mother.

The incident took place in 1998 Basin, South of Ecuador, this Friday night. With Injury On the face and edges Little girl A transfer is made Hub From Health Where they confirmed his death.

According to the minor’s aunt, it is unknown whether the girl was sexually harassed, as they only know that she was beaten. In addition, he said the little girl was cared for by her mother’s partner.

Citizens rushed to the streets to arrest the suspect. Uniformed people rushed to the spot for help.

Similarly, when the accused was taken to the prosecutor’s office in Flagrante delicto, he was almost beaten to death, as reported by Quenca Media.

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