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A few words, respect for mother’s work

Motherhood is as fruitful as it is difficult. Maybe these words represent a part of mothers in the country or the world. Johanna Schopenhauer wrote to their son Arthur. He was a German novelist and a few years later he became a famous philosopher.

The young man was reckless and even Weimar was missing from home. In the letter, now very famous in the world of social networks, he invited her to go home with the words: “I really want you to stay with me for a few days; All I want is for you to bring your good sense of humor with you and leave your conversational attitude at home so that I do not have to argue with the beautiful letter or the emperor’s beard. In another letter dated December 13, 1807, Johanna told him: “You can stay and eat with me on the days when my meetings are held, as long as you refrain from your painful disputes which annoy me as well as everyone else. This fool. Your grievances about the world and human misery, because it all shows me a bad night or a bad dream and I like to sleep well. “

These letters rarely helped. Arthur Schopenhauer became the father of metaphysical pessimism; But his mother tried. In the end, children choose the path of life and what makes them happy. Mothers, likewise, try their best to fulfill their role, and many even fight to the limit. There are mothers in the country and in the world who work from sunrise to sunset to support their daughters and sons and even to find out the truth about their missing child. Every mom has her story and only she knows what she has done to move forward.

Many times society is ungrateful to motherhood and sadly, many times children themselves are ungrateful to their mother. At the moment, we live in a time of change and though it is a day that has turned into a commercial date; It is up to us to honor those who have decided to become mothers on a daily basis and to be grateful for the work and contributions they have made to society.

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