Paraguayan Alexander Dominguez And Slovenian Alexander Seferin, The presidents of Conmebol and UEFA inaugurated a shared office, respectively LondonThis is April 4, 2022.

The space was created due to the Strategic Partnership Agreement signed by both organizations on February 12, 2020, and extended to December 15, 2021, through which they will develop common projects.

The UEFA and Conmebol They want to organize a variety of football events, as well as collaborate in areas such as referees and training programs.

Domínguez, who highlights the meaning Historical Regarding the inauguration, he explained that the two organizations had “decided to take their cooperation to a higher strategic level”. “We are two continents with the greatest heritage and prestige in the most popular sport on the planet. In Basketball court Is Loyal rivals, But football is a powerful force for a tolerant, peaceful and pluralistic society, “he said.

Ceferin, on his part, confirmed that it was “easy to build a fruitful and lasting relationship” between the two organizations as they shared “the same love and passion for football” and considered the office “the next symbol”. Step in the right direction which will help in the development of football.

The so-called first major sporting event organized by both confederations The final A match that the champions will face Copa America 2021, Argentina, And Euro 2020, Italy, And that will be played at the stadium in London Wembley June 1.

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