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A car and an injured person stuck in an accident on Whimper Street and on 6 December

A traffic accident occurred in the morning north of Quito Photo: CBQ

The Fire brigade Quito reports that this Friday, June 3, 2022, at Road accident Those are the ones left Slightly injured North of town, between Huimper Street and 6D December Avenue.

The incident took place around 3 am, when A. Go light Lost track and Reversed On the way. Emergency workers from Lal Kot came to the spot.

With its maneuvers Vehicle drainage The driver of the vehicle was released and paramedics treated him.


The Speed Is the main Factor Of Risk Marked by World Health Organization Traffic is responsible for deaths and injuries.

Responsibility and respect for traffic laws for drivers and pedestrians. According to Traffic lawsPedestrians who do not walk on sidewalks or in sidewalks SecurityFor this purpose, a penalty equivalent to 5% of the Unified Basic Salary, i.e. USD 21.25 will be granted.

This information has been known in the report Bloomberg Initiative Global Road Safety, when a car travels 60 kilometers, there is a high risk of death of the injured person; When traveling 40 km, the car is able to brake on time and avoid impact.

Excessive speed causes 85% of pedestrian and cyclist deaths, as the latter are at risk. Claim Of Transit.

The National Police has called for the inclusion of 7,657 new uniformed officers across the country. Check the requirements:

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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