A Dump truck That material transport veered And this Monday, March 28, 2022 was arrested next to the driver in the sector TanlahuaOn St. Anthony Pichincha, to the north Quito.

The Quito Fire Department said Evil The vial, the second to be registered in less than 12 hours, left one person Wounds. A team of paramedics and red coats were deployed at the scene Rescue To the victim who remained inside Heavy vehicles.

Apparently Dump truck Downloaded Material When the car loses its balance and falls on the right side Body work. There was a dump truck Raised drawer, Which was separated from the base. Workers in the sector also came to help.

Another accident happened on Sunday night. Firefighters reported at 10:35 p.m. Two cars collide When they went through Simon Bolivar Avenue And Perez Bustamante, in La Sector AlgeriaSoutheast of the capital.

The rescuers who took part in the emergency work said this 6 people were injured. Firefighters helped the victims. One of the vehicles involved was Double cabin van. The left side of the front of the car was damaged Effect.

The door is shown in the picture published by the fire department Passengers Was also affected. After the collision, the hood lid is bent to open Motor.

At the scene, d The road I was Wet. Firefighters have advised drivers to drive carefully. Authorities did not specify the cause of the accident.


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