The Metropolitan Council From Quito 21 Councilor Plus is formed Mayor. Only three of them could not present themselves Re-election For him Same charge. In other words, 86% of the current building body can go through Re-election.

Of section 93 Code Of Democracy Establishes that “popularly elected dignitaries may To be re-elected Only once –Continuous Or not – they hold for the same position.

Diego Sevalos, its member Rule The EC says that the councilors in this rule correistas Soledad Benitez and Luis Raina, as well as Eduardo del Pozzo (of Faith), They can not aspire to a again Council In Quito

There is a special case that Gisela shed (The former correísta), Which was secured in the past, after Resignation The then councilman Patricio Ubidiar, who intervened in 2019 Prefecture From Pichincha.

The same electoral regulations indicate that, in the case of a specific subprojection, two years must elapse, Inscription Of CandidacyIn this case 2019 will be from Chalá Active Per Their respective re-elections.

Dr. approved according to the election schedule National Electoral Council (CNE), July 22 to August 5, 2022 Political organizations They must adhere to the process of their internal democracy.

That means there is three months for the movement to prepare for the primary, where Candidacy. This is because from 22 August to 20 September this year CNE Registration will open Application A. Departmental.

Extraordinary situation

East Council Was the hero of the struggle Town Hall, After questioning former mayor Jorge Yunda. For the first time a municipal authority was removed and that – according to an expert and The same councilor– Will affect Departmental selection Of 2023.

Who chooses Re-election Inside Quito Will face a Test From Fire. Incumbent Mayor Santiago Garderas came to office on the 14th Will It is Council. That instance, SevalosIt will have weight.

Experts believe that this will be a process in which Political organizations They will strive for a majority in the local legislature. This is due to two reasons: The first is that, to a large extent, it depends on municipal management Decision Of Council Collectively, not just Mayor.

The second relates to the precedent Removal From Unda. Because it was a process Political control Which requires will and vote to stop Bergomaster.

Thinking for others Town Hall. Among them are Luz Elena Koloma and Omar Sevalos. In the former case, since it is not associated with Faith Waiting for a definition Provincial guidelines.

Sevalos, for his part, said he had received offers from some people and believed he had the ability to take the position. However, he was left motionless, as Concert (Who patronized him for the council) left Voter registration.

Removal also leaves motionless Monica Sandoval And breath cows. They were both on the block. Social responsibilityCivil revolution. First mentioned that it is still too early to talk about whether he will go for it Re-election. Although he did not blow it.

A plan for Quito

The Citizen Participation Corporation The promise continues with the call Political actors From Quito. The second meeting last Wednesday agreed to work on a proposal for an adequate government in the capital city.

Ruth Hidalgo, Director Of CorporationMentioned that the first agreed is on the work table Municipality structure. They hope to finalize a plan by next August with which they will try to get the promise Candidate Per Town Hall.

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