Created Passive Voter Registry National Electoral Council (CNE). This Tuesday, the morning of April 12, 2022, it was established that the registry consisted of 713,045 people.

Next 14th April The work of the brigade begins One of CNE’s methods for running the 2023 divisional election that can be run between them is to leave the passive register to vote in 2023.

Enrique Pita, CNN’s surrogate president, explained that The passive register consists of citizens who have not voted in the last four elections. For this, it is taken into account 2018 referendumThe Divisional Election 2019 And 2021 GeneralIn the first and second rounds.

In 2021, there were 602,144 people in the Passive Electoral Register. This statistic has been updated considering the information sent month after month Civil registration; In addition to the information of people who have completed some process among the provincial representatives.

Patricio Fernandez, director of the Electoral Registry, explained that, in addition to these data, There is an optional vote that is excluded from registration; That is, minors, the elderly and persons with disabilities from the age of 16 years.

Guas It is the province with the highest number of people in the passive register. There are 199,729 people, according to CNE data. Pichincha is followed by 138,123 citizens.

Pita noted that, based on this register, those wishing to vote in the 2023 division must contact a delegation or brigade that will begin participating from next Thursday. The deadline to process is May 14, 2022.


Within the framework of the event to create a passive register, Pita stated that the electoral function, officially, is not Nothing knows the purpose of the government To carry a popular advice.

“If that decision is implemented, the surrogate president has indicated that a new calendar should be set up to see if the current activities can be used. Also, it should analyze what needs to be done on top of the current.

There are executives Announcing his intention to call a consultation Before the 2023 election. That referendum will include issues related to political reform, civic security and employment.

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