There were a total of 10 quotes, 51 premises were closed and two of them were suspended: the Metropolitan Control Agency’s Twitter

This Saturday, May 21, 2022, 40 operators In Quito, this resulted in 10 quotes, 51 campus closures and two suspensions. In addition to seven Underground teams.

In PĂ­ntag, a secret nightclub was alerted On the streets of Cincinnati And identify an activity without the permission of the authorities. The owner of the installation was not at the site and a precautionary measure was taken, the organizer of the event was removed preventively where about 50 people were in a state of intoxication.

In La Delicia areaInstead, about 4,000 people between the ages of 14 and 18 were evicted from the secret party. In the act of controlling, they turn off the ventilation to avoid crowds. Similarly, in Nanegalith They postponed an event without the permission of about 50 people.

Besides, 30 liters have been destroyed in the sector Craft wine Which was sold on the outskirts of a place where an event of the parish government was being held. About 800 people attended and it ended without much news.

Inside PifoPolice officers detained a citizen for carrying White weapon And without identity.

In its parish Yarukui They see another secret incident in court. Those who were on the site indicated that it is a Family event. However, the meeting was postponed because it was located in a place that conducts economic activity.

Similarly they control compliance in different areas of the capital Schedule Operation and removal of libadores. They probably found items from Smuggling, In particular, tobacco. Inside Itchimbia They seized 34 full packs and 14 more open boxes.

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