In the initial phase of the scheme, subsidy will be given to small banana growers cultivating up to ten hectares. Photo: MAG

More than 4,000 Small producer From Banana Ecuadorian fruit that grows up to ten hectares will benefit from one Economic subsidiesReported this Friday, May 20, 2022 Ministry From Agriculture Y. Calf rearing (MAG).

The Purse From Condition He noted that in the next few days a “Pop up plans For small banana growers ”which has been observed Damaged Due to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, the market exported about 800 million US dollars in 2021.

The ministry explained that the aid would also work to reduce the impact of black sigatoka, which has affected hundreds of people. Producer From Banana.

This assistance will include the supply of agricultural inputs, Payment In materials Nutritious Y. PhytosanitaryAnd two executive decrees proposing reform.

According to MAG, the goal of the program is to provide a Economic subsidies To registered small producers InstitutionAt an early stage, up to 10 hectares, affected by the province The economic crisis Caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has had a black sigatoka effect on their plantations.

Plan included Economic subsidies A certain number of plants with clusters counted per hectare, which will benefit more than 4,000 small trees Producer Starting in the next few days, the MAG said in a statement.

To be eligible, the following must be considered:

  • Register at MAG’s district address.
  • Under-Secretary for the Strengthening of Musee (SFM) and Phytosanitary and Juvenile Regulation and Control Agency (Agrocalidad) will inspect farms in the region.
  • SFM’s technicians, in coordination with Agrocalidad, will produce a report on damaged hectares.
  • The Comprehensive Project for Agricultural Production Diversification and Agricultural Restructuring (PIDARA) will receive a list of inspected producers and technical reports from each producer.
  • The Under-Secretary of Agricultural Production will send a list of producers to Ecuador that the amount of subsidy is consistent with each producer.
  • To receive the grant, beneficiaries must submit a copy of the technical report to the Ecuadorian companies and sign a co-execution agreement.

In addition, it is known that Presidency Of Republic Reform Executive Decree 1127, with purpose Removal The Possibility To double the quality control of the fruit.

The proposal is that Inspection From Quality Delivery will be made to the packhouse only. Agrocalidad will exclusively investigate phytosanitary problems, MAG said

I know too Will cancel The Executive order 183 to avoid the possibility of issuing approval for new plantings Planting From Banana.

Also, with the goal Revealed The Financial stress Encountered by small producers, Ministry From Agriculture Y. Ecuador They have presented a debt refinancing and restructuring plan starting next week.

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