In seven days 400 lawyers Registered in the public competition for selection 14 judgesThose will work first Judicial unit against corruption and organized crime. The Director of the Judicial Council (CJ), Santiago Penaherera, announced this on Friday, April 8, 2022.

According to the judiciary, 64% of applicants are male And the rest of the women. There are registered people from 23 provinces of the country. Most are from Guas, Pichincha and Manbi.

Lawyers interested in competing must comply Concert Requirements. In: Send through website your updated CV, your credentials, voting certificate, Certificate of registration of the third level title, issued by Senescyt Employment history And Approval For himWithdrawal of bank secrecy.

In addition, they must submit A certificate from the regulator Strong administrative responsibility, no indication of civic or criminal responsibility. Also the affidavit and not being in the process of judicial punishment Lack of assets or capital in tax havens.

All these documents must be scanned and certified before a notary public. They have until April 11, 2022, to apply through the CJ web platform.


Applicants must submit one Theoretical, practical and psychological tests. They will get one Minimum score 80/100. In the end, they will go through a trust test, which will be voluntary.

The purpose is to select, until July 25, 2022, Two senior judgesSix from the criminal court and six from the appellate court.

Work is expected to start from this specialized judiciary August this year. According to Fasto Murillo, the chief justice’s president, The case of the new judges will not be closed. They will know the judicial process from the very beginning.

WHO Win the competition Of course Approve One more Training course Against corruption and organized crime.

Those who have passed this course Month duration, Will go to qualified bank. They will be nominated for their job according to their score.

Judges selected to serve on the Judiciary Unit against Corruption and Organized Crime, according to Penaherra They will have protection. “They want to reduce the risk they face Will work in a specific area And one of them will remain Special security protocol.

There will be 14 judges

These magistrates will judge Seven crimes related to corruption Such as: embezzlement, illicit wealth, bribery, extortion, influence, offer of influence and figureheading.

In addition, they will know 37 crimes related to organized crime, These include genocide, slavery, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, human trafficking, crimes against humanity, smuggling of migrants, and kidnappings for ransom.

The criminal proceedings that these magistrates will hear must meet the requirements. Such crimes must be committed Committed by an organized criminal structure, To commit criminal acts There is a national meaning Or international and also Must be a victim with serious consequences.

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