It is estimated that about 5,000 people passed through the secret center of Campo de Mayo, of which very few survived. Photo: Twitter @@SDHArgentina

Four Former Army of ArgentinaThe 79- to 98-year-old was sentenced this Monday to abduction, torture and life imprisonment for it. Four killed Who were drugged and thrown into the sea during the country’s last civilian-military dictatorship (1976-1983).

The sentencing by Federal Oral Court 2 in the city of Buenos Aires, San Martin, comes after nearly two years of oral hearings, where those known “Flight of Death” Made from its military airfield May field.

And it has been added with other convictions that it was already handed over to other torture centers for similar procedures year after year.

During this process, virtually during the Covid-19 epidemic, Santiago Omar RivarosThe 98-year-old, who was the commander of the military institute, was under house arrest for other reasons.

Also Luis del Valle Ars93 years old; Delisis Malakalza85, and Edward Lance79, former member Army Aviation Battalion 601 From the city of Buenos Aires to Campo de Mayo, who are already serving preventive house arrests.

Virtually everyone heard their words.

Four victims

The Ex-military Sitting on the bench were, in effect, four men imprisoned in the Campo de Mayo for the abduction, torture and murder of Juan Carlos Rosses, Adrian Enrique Acresimbeni, Rosa Eugenia Novillo Corvalan and Roberto Ramon Arancibia. Secret detention center From where the “flight of death” has gone, hundreds of drug addicts have been thrown into the waters of the Rio de la Plata.

It is estimated that about 5,000 people passed through the secret center of Campo de Mayo, of which very few survived.

“The Illegal work The controversy in the current case constitutes a crime against humanity, “said Walter Benditti, the judge in charge of sentencing. Prison facilities The general – and not at home – will prevent adequate treatment of their condition.

He also called for everyone to install a geo-location device and include them in the electronic surveillance program, “The state of health allows it.

The plaintiff in the case was Dr. Human Rights SecretaryVictims are represented by the Under-Secretary of Human Rights in the Province of Buenos Aires, and by the Private Council.

Origin of judgment

San Martin’s investigating judge, Alicia Venus, brought the case to trial Testimony of about 400 soldiers That is, during their compulsory military service at the Campo de Mayo Garrison, they witnessed or heard how those flights left at night.

In an order from the prosecutor’s office that brought the case to trial, the public ministry explained that the job of already retired pilots was to “organize, plan and manage so-called death flights.”

“For this, they took the victims who were transferred to the 601st Aviation Battalion in Campo de Mayo. They were taken there alive or dead.” Aircraft and / or helicopters That battalion was later during takeoff and flight Rio de la Plata and / or thrown into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean So that they could not be found due to the secrecy of the operations conducted by the armed forces, “the text was then collected.

After the 1985 board trial, which condemned the greatest leaders of the dictatorship, the open process of prosecuting lower commanders was hampered by two laws approved during the Raul Alfonsin (1983-1989) government.

Later, Carlos Menem (1989-1999) pardoned the military, including the regime and leftist guerrillas, but in 2005, during Nestor Kirchner’s tenure, the Supreme Court declared that law and justice unconstitutional. They start again.

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