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It was a tough week. Exit question George GlassIts killing ‘Don Naja’The veto of the law Abortion for rape And the situation of teachers contributes to a growing scenario Complex.

What to do with RuleComplaints of the deal already add to the complex relationship ExecutiveLegislative. The government has tried to deny it a deal correism By glass outlet.

Last Tuesday, government minister Francisco Jimenez noted that they were drowning in troubled waters, but that this would not take them away. Referendum.

Daniel Crespo, an analyst and university professor, says it is not possible to directly blame the government for a deal. But there are some things that show negligence.

At the habeas corpus hearing, for example, no objections were heard from executive representatives.

Another incident that shocked the country was its death Miguel NazarenoKnown as ‘Don Naja’. He appeared in public with his company in Covedo to raise money Lots of money.

The case was already a problem for him. Government After last week, Nazarene was in one of the parking lots Ministry of Defense.

This has led to criticism of his relationship with the members Armed forces. ‘Don Naja’ was not the first time in the building of that entity.

A few days have passed since then Constitutional Court (CC) criminalizes abortion in rape case, allows partial veto of assembly Executive He will leave without saying anything.

The reduction in access to health care, the requirements and the fact that President Guillermo Lasso objected were almost all articles The main criticism.

Finally, the National Union of Educators (UNE) Has announced a protest program on April 26. The President has vetoed the reform of the Education Act. They include a Salary equality. At the same time, according to Crespo, the deterioration of the government has intensified.

Icing outlet

Legally, an appeal filed last Thursday by the National Comprehensive Care Service for Adults Deprived of Liberty (SNAI) must be disposed of. That entity wants the appeal dismissed. Politically, analyst Daniel Crespo noted that this is an issue that can be addressed. However, the negligence was evident as the representatives of the executive branch did not object to the measure of habeas corpus being granted at the hearing.

Veto pass in government registry

With a good holiday message, Laurie, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in Guadalupe, adjourned the session last Thursday. It did not provide another way to prevent a partial veto of the rape abortion law from entering through an absolutist confession. Changes to the executive council based on the views of feminist groups are backward in terms of rights. Lori justified herself by arguing that in the last session, when the partial objection was sent to the CC, only Pierina Correa’s confession was presented.

‘Don Naja’ and defense tour

With the death of Miguel Nazareno, the case against him, established by law, came to an end. However, there are issues to be clarified, such as he has entered the Ministry of Defense not once, but three times. The case is under investigation after his body was found in eastern Quito with his hands tied and signs of torture. But above all, there is no answer as to whether those who gave him money will get it back.

CC, defines education law

The full veto for the unconstitutionality that was sent to the Lasso Assembly, on the reform of the organic law of education, must be passed by the CC. The highest body of constitutional interpretation must be articulated there. There are three scenarios. The first is to veto. Then the reform became crippled. The second is that you accept it in part on the basis of a valid objection. The third is you get rid of it. Thus, the law will come into force as approved by the Legislature.


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