Higher Education Secretary Alejandro Ribadeneira said the first session of the exam Transformation It was successfully completed this Tuesday, March 29, 2022. This is after the March 23 suspension due to platform failure.

Of 108,000 applicants registered To give the transform test in the first session 80% connected. The remaining percent did not. Ribadeneira said these applicants will be able to take advantage of themselves ReschedulingWhich is scheduled for next week. Date not specified.

The head of the Censesite made it clear that he would take the test in this extraordinary process Applicants must present arguments and valid reasons for access.

Total they sign up 327,000 applicants To test. The 6% reported that they do not have internet Or device and Senecesyt to do it at home Assignment One of them 388 locations nationwide.

There is still time this Tuesday Three test sessions. This represents 50% of the score Apply to colleges And country institutions. The other half is similar Academic record or grade note.

Areas that evaluate transformation

There are transform tests 160 questions Which measures efficiency and competence: verbal comprehension (40 items), numerical competence (40 items), attention and concentration (40 items) and logical reasoning (40 items). You will also take a vocational orientation test that is not graded but will allow you to identify professional interests.

Consists of numerical area Holders find the relationship between the numbers And reach a conclusion through reasoning.

Demonstrated by verbal aptitude Understand word relationships, When logic wants to measure how well a person can come to a conclusion by looking at a pattern. And in the case of attention and concentration, the ability to pay attention to a particular stimulus is measured. This way you can see how much the person is able to focus even if the items are confusing.


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