The Las Acacias Educational Unit is located south of Guayaquil. The damage to the front is obvious. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / El Commerceio

It’s hard to believe Dirty soil Y. Nirananda There is one School. The front is done Urine Step by stepIs also Dump Of Block And one of the exterior walls served as a blackboard for some frustrated: “Sorry. Do you want to come back with me?”

Around here they are waiting for the job to return, paralyzed since then 2016. The last time they saw a workers’ movement south of the Lass Acacias Educational Unit. Guayaquil. Blocks, even with The window Y. The doorDipped in Undergrowth. The cobblestone corridor They are lost and the sun has begun to fade the already painted walls.

We were excited and hoped it would launch this year, “said Katie Barreiro Abandoned campus Back home with him Every day they walk 12 blocks to the nearest public school. “With so much crime, the closer we get to educating our children, the better.”

Las Acacias was forgotten because of the lawsuit that closed it Efficacy. It is part of a 16-millennium-type and replica education unit that has been in a semi-finished state for years. Now you MegastructureRafael Correa and Lenin Moreno contracted in the government, being analyzed for them Reactivation. To do this, Minister Maria Brown says they need to resolve their cases and estimate past debts. Even the rehabilitation process by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works is pending, which is shown Co-executive entity.

Works with observation

There are 11 replica schools in the country and 107 Education unit Of Millennium. The first of its kind was inaugurated at Cotopaxi, in September 2008, and the goal was to build 200. During that period of government, there was a deal with a foreign contractor that now has to face a glare of USD 24.7 million.

The Regulator Recently confirmed the matter of approval after a 2019 special examination. According to the report, the company did not cancel Fine For a 377-day delay in the delivery of 57 prefabricated schools contracted between September 2016 and August 2017. Delays occurred because observations related to non-compliance with planning, design, and technical features were not corrected; The Responsibility Civil US 19 19.3 million.

He also did not present insurance policies for equipment and machinery and did not have staff coverage in case of risk; The fine was USD 5.4 million and was not paid. The regulator even analyzes whether there are three former education ministers Administrative responsibilities Upstairs Contract performance.

Thorny bushes grow around the structure. There are even weeds
Footpath Photo: Enrique Pesantes / El Commerceio

New offer

Once the problem is resolved, the current government plans to build seven new schools with a budget of USD 50.6 million. And after a balance of work that has become obsolete over the years, it will prioritize the six located in Guass, Los Rios, Pichincha and Bolivar, valued at USD 10.4 million.

The Educational Unit Jose Joaquin de Olmedo It received USD 1.8 million injections to complete it. The first stone was laid next to Samanes Park in Guayaquil in 2008, but construction was delayed due to delays in paying bills.

Last November Sammons Consortium Tasks have been reactivated. Eighty workers have begun laying pipes and plastering the walls of 10 pavilions, which will house classrooms, libraries and laboratories for 1,800 students.

Delivery is scheduled for July and August, “said Xavier Aroka, construction superintendent. Progress has reached 68%.

No progress has yet been made in Las Acacias, although it has been promised that it will be ready by the end of the year. “They should clean everything up and create more courses or a field for kids in this sector,” said Kimberly Morales before moving on to the sad and smelly front.

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