The Dallas saved their first elimination game and made it 1-3 in their Western final against the Golden State Warriors.

119-109: Mavericks give themselves an extra life

The Dallas Mavericks saved their first elimination game on Tuesday and made it 1-3 in their Western final against the Golden State Warriors (119-109) thanks Combined exhibition of Triple And a Luka Donsic who was just one assist away from the triple-double.

The Dallas Mavericks have experienced triple rain (a fantastic 20 out of 43) and a real rain outside the stadium as well, as torrential rain that fell on Tuesday delayed the start of the third quarter.

The water failed to wet Doncic’s gunpowder, which finished the game with 30 points (10 shots out of 26), 14 rebounds, 9 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.

Dallas stunned the first three quarters And he started the last with +29 which seemed certain, but the Warriors reserve got 8 points and Donsik had to give one more push to stop the win.

Dorian Finney-Smith (23 points in 9-of-13 shooting) and Reggie Bullock (18 points in 3-point shooting of 10-of-6) stood out with six players with more than 10 points in a Mavericks.

For his part, Stephen Curry (20 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists) was the best of the Warriors who had 10 disappointments out of 28 in 3-pointers.

The Western Final will now return to San Francisco, where the fifth game will be played on Thursday, and where the Mavericks will continue their efforts to achieve what no one has achieved before in the NBA: a 3-0 comeback from the playoffs (146) for the winning team in the first three matches. In history -0)

Triple storm

In Game 3 (13 for 45) in the wreckage of the Mavericks, Kleber, Finney-Smith, and Bullock had an unfortunate and prominent place in the three-point range from 3-point to 2-17.

The start of the fourth double was quite the opposite as each of them added two triplets in the first quarter and the Mavericks hit first after 7 out of 12 in the outside shot (28-24) and had a strong attitude on defense and rebound. .

Curry started the first quarter with finesse and 10 points, but the second unit in Dallas did well when Donsick took a breath (37-31 with 8:45 at halftime).

Thus, Brunson led to a 10-point advantage against the Mavericks Some fighters are disoriented in defense and obese in attack.

Without the audience’s reaction, Mavericks went into the locker room feeling very good (62-47), a very coral game (Donsic was at 13 points) and a fireworks display in Triple (11 out of 23) which was in stark contrast to the drought outside fighters (16 out of 16). 3).

The leak at the American Airlines Center in Dallas did not disrupt Mavericks’ rhythm.

Thus, Finney-Smith forced two consecutive Triple Warriors to call an initial timeout before the game was completely out of hand (72-50, including 9:24 on the clock).

Faced with individual or zone defenses, Dallas’ ball-handling, brighter from the Donsic side, worked with subtle precision, and the released triplets followed one after another against some Warriors where Thompson’s awakening was not enough.

With all of this, two consecutive triplets from Dinwidy led the locals to their biggest advantage just before the start of the fourth quarter (99-70).

Kerr looked like a towel thrower and none of them set foot on the court early in the fourth quarter, but a 0-9 start from the Warriors reserve continued the excitement (9:32 to 99-79).

The zone holds the Mavericks in check as the Warriors continue to hang out with Pool, Cuminga, Bezelica, Moody and Lee.

San Francisco’s amazing second unit came in at 8 points for the Cumminger Triple, but Donsick, already with the Warriors starters back in front of him, managed to remove the seal of victory and the ghost of the second game that they lost 19 points ahead.

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