The 1% credit The interest rate already adds up to a distribution of over USD 42.5 million. This amount of funding has benefited Agriculture sector.

Ecuador This amounts to the March 29 report Credit Delivered from January 3 to March 28, 2022. These resources have been channeled through 14,054 operations across the country.

Over the next few days, 3,324 operations are ready for delivery, amounting to more than 1 10.1 million. That way, Ecuador He noted that in the three months since the funding’s inception, 17,378 operations have been conducted, exceeding USD 52.7 million.

The government has indicated it will allocate 100 100 million for this Credit placement. Thus, in the first quarter of credit validity, 50% of that target will be exceeded.

The 1% creditOpportunity Credit, also known as the President’s Campaign Proposal William Lasso.

The term of this loan is up to 30 years and the interest rate is 1%, since it is subsidized Government. Credits awarded range from USD 500 to USD 5,000 per beneficiary.

According to Ecuador, The Public banking Participated in 77,351 operations for over 350 350 million in various fields Line of credit In all countries. “These Credit They were instrumental in reviving Ecuador’s economy, the entity stressed.

Also, the entity provides Training and accompanying programs Through this to small, small and medium entrepreneurs Financial education activities. Through this more than 30 thousand people have been trained.

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