A car bomb exploded in front of a community surveillance unit in Guayaquil. A signal that scares the population. Photo: The Trade

Guayaquil, people don’t forget the noise Rupture. The glasses were so stiff Trembling. The first thing that came to mind was a BombBut they never imagined it would happen Vehicles With Explosive.

The The police How this happened is still being investigated. Criminal agents have been analyzing the wreckage a few meters away from the North Florida Community Surveillance Unit for five days.

The uniformed men said that Research Preserved, but what is known is that it was the revenge of a criminal ring against the police Operative Of Control. More than 235 tons of drugs have been seized in the last one year.

Agents say the fact is being investigated “carefully and very thoroughly” since this is the first time such an incident has taken place in Guayaquil. Even the presence of foreigners behind the incident is being suspected.
Investigators report that such attacks came from mafias linked to the Mexican and Colombian cartels. Last year, the country registered about 23 attacks featuring these foreign mafias.

In fact, r Car boomGuayaquil’s BA is not the only such event. Esmeraldas, 11 days ago two car explosions were reported. Agents said that at the time of these incidents, Gas To burst Automotive. Five people have been arrested, including paramilitary trainees.

The prosecutor’s office is also investigating. One of its agents said there was a terrorist group behind the operation who wanted to intimidate society.

Another recurring practice is the threat of bombings against government institutions such as courts, tax offices, governorates, and municipalities. On May 18, police found a grenade at the Guayaquil Judicial Complex. And 15 days ago there was another threat to the National Assembly in Quito.

In both cases, the intervention and rescue group came to the rescue. The elite unit says 11 bombings have been reported so far this year. In this alert they have also identified the presence of foreigners, as they have voice records which are being investigated.

Crime with message

The third and fourth practice of violence that has been replicated in the country is murder with a message to society. In this area, the Department of Violent Deaths (DINASED) of the police is responsible for registering the most violent killings.

Last year, they had to remove bodies from sports complexes, popular neighborhood entrances, trees, overpasses and pedestrian bridges. Agents have collected at least 15 text messages from the victims’ bodies. One of the most shocking incidents was the hanging of two bodies on a pedestrian bridge at Duran’s entrance last February.

The men in uniform indicated that the crimes were attributed to members of a drug criminal organization with links to the Mexican cartel. “The people of Sinaloa and Nueva Generation in the north of that country. They have that bad habit there, ”said a Dinesed agent.

The uniformed man, who has been working in Guayaquil since 2020, said the MacBrack messages contained phrases such as: “by Todd”, “we are following you” and “this is our territory”. He added that they had received corpses, mutilated, burned and beheaded.

Regional disputes

Specifically, confining gangs to territories is another practice of violence that continues to grow in the country. It’s easy to find graffiti with the name of the criminal gang in Guayaquil. In the vicinity of Durán, such as Divino Niño or Los Arbolitos, they even painted sidewalks, parks and poles with the network’s flagship colors. Last year, the municipality destroyed more than 30 of these images.

Other coastal cities, such as Manta, Manabi, and Quevedo, Los Rios, also have these phenomena. People there say that a nearby animal is recognized by the animal in their post. The band has symbols like dogs, birds and reptiles.

Associations in the vicinity of these provinces call for more control to avoid these incidents In particular, in Guas, Manabi, Esmeraldas, Los Rios and Santo Domingo. In the first three, these exercises progress in spite of the state of exception.


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